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What to ignore in Webstorm .idea/?

posted 11 Feb 2014, 12:39 by Gareth Rylance

Directory based project format (.idea directory)

This format is used by all the recent IDE versions by default. Here is what you need to share:

  • All the files under .idea directory in the project root except the workspace.xml and tasks.xml files which store user specific settings
  • All the .iml module files that can be located in different module directories (applies to IntelliJ IDEA)

Be careful about sharing the following:

  • Android artifacts that produce a signed build (will contain keystore passwords)
  • dataSources.idsdatasources.xml (can contain database passwords)

You may consider not to share the following:

  • gradle.xml file, see this discussion
  • user dictionaries folder (to avoid conflicts if other developer has the same name)
  • XML files under .idea/libraries in case they are generated from Gradle project